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Need a flat repair on a holiday near you

Need a flat repair on a holiday?
Ranchers don’t take a break and neither do we. Your animals need to eat on the weekends too. Bambootires is a mobile tire repair service that brings the shop to you.
We provide services in Maryland and Washington DC
We Stock an emergency inventory of all position Road master and Cooper semi tires with access to ordering a variety of brands

At bambootires, we are alos in;

Mounting and Balancing of Tires

We ensure that they are properly centered on the wheel to have the smoothest ride.

Tire Repair Pads & Tire installation​

We make use of our readily available and portable equipment to repair and install Tires.

Tire Rotation and Brakes checks

To make sure your car is up and running, we thoroughly check on rotation and brakes

Unlocking Car Door

Have you had issues opening the door of your car? You have come to the right place. We provide assistance in case your door locks.

Rims Seal and PSI Service

We diagnose, repaid/restore the valve stem to avoid loss of air within the tire in the long run.

Roadside Assistance

With our legendary 24-hour Roadside Assistance. We are sure to assist you when you are stocked.

Supply of Gasoline

Most often, car owners run out of gasoline on the high way. At Bamboo, we reach out to provide assistance in refilling your gasoline incase your car runs out of fuel.

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